Restaurant Accountant

Recording transactions in the general ledger and the master document for capturing financial transactions;  Accurately coding and categorizing those transactions; Managing journal entries, accruals, accounts payable (expenses, payrolls and bills for vendors); Managing bank reconciliation;  Filing and paying sales tax and payroll tax;  Preparing for business tax returns and providing tax assistance; Creating financial statement to determine financial health including the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement; Preparing for an audit;  Reviewing and preparing annual budgets, strategic business plans, and forecast of operations.  Use Windows QuickBooks Desktop, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Word.

Requirements:  Bachelor Degree with concentration in Accounting or Finance or closely-related degree + 2 years experience in accounting or financial analysis occupations.

Please mail resume to:  Shin Restaurant Inc, 63 Cooper Square, New York NY 10003 Attn: M Nishigaki.

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Early Bird Special

Early Bird Special Dinner Set

Weekday Tuesday thru Friday

5:00pm ~ 7:00pm

Small Hijiki Salad


Small Soba ( Cold or Hot )

Choice of Entree; Sushi, Pork Katsu, Broiled Eel, or Tempura



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