About Us


When the first Ise Restaurant opened in 1988, it quickly became a darling of the Financial District, serving authentic sushi and sashimi along with delicious Japanese comfort dishes. Only recently did its second iteration on Pine Street close its doors, unfortunately bringing the end to a decades-old mainstay that was a second home for adoring regulars. But now, Ise is being reborn in a new location in the Astor Place area, and True World Foods is proud to continue as the restaurant’s longstanding fish provider.

Housed in the former Menkui-Tei space (also owned by Ise), the new Ise restaurant carries on its long practice of presenting authentic Japanese cuisine and flavors. But the concept has transformed a bit – the menu now revolves primarily around sushi, sashimi, and soba noodles. For the still uninitiated, soba is the classic Japanese buckwheat noodle that is increasingly becoming popular in the US because of its hearty flavor and healthy properties. Ise is aiming to introduce New York City diners to the idea that these two different powerhouse cuisines are, in fact, the perfect gastronomic pair.

The Chef

The chef, Makino who has been with Ise since the beginning, has been using True World Foods for the majority of his sushi grade fish from the day they opened. And with this new phase, he is drawing his strength from True World’s reliability. “Every day, I can feel confident knowing that True World Foods is supplying our fish.” He continued, “Especially now, where we are just opening and so much is unknown, the presence of a dependable partner and high quality of fish makes me sure that we are doing our best to welcome back our regulars and attracting new ones for years to come.”

“Tsuu” Style

The Soba and Sushi Course “TSUU” (‘connoisseur’ in Japanese) is a definite must-try. It starts with sashimi, moves onto grilled and cooked dishes, then steps up to sushi and concludes with soba. Paired with carefully chosen sake, this is a multi-course meal that is meant to allow diners to savor every flavor, and shoots for pure wish fulfillment and maximum enjoyment. Soon, Ise will also be introducing its Kaiseki course, which also ramps up the authenticity of the menu; utilizing only the ingredients of the season, it will present a variety of elevated Japanese dishes that changes monthly. It is, of course, possible to concentrate on solely sushi and sashimi dishes, a la carte.

Fresh Fish from Japan

Ise takes care to clearly list the origin of its fish as from the local fish market in Japan. Blue Fin Tuna (Hon Maguro), Red Snapper (Madai),  Yellow Jack (Shima Aji), Sea Urchin (Uni), and Firefly Squid(Nama Hotaru Ika) – all of which are from Japan. The menu is also overflowing with options for any mood, including cooked dishes like Tempura, Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), and much more.

Take a new journey with us!